There’s something about being in Vail that just can’t be put into words. Something that makes us surrender to being fully present in this place. Something that immediately disconnects us from our everyday, while simultaneously reconnecting us with family, friends and to parts of ourselves long forgotten. Something that reminds us of what we live for, what we work for, and what it’s like to forget everything else but the moment we’re in. Being in Vail puts us back in touch with our sense of awe and fills us with appreciation for being amazed, for being a part of something majestic, and for just simply being. From expansive and exhilarating mountain adventures by day, to lively and luxurious village experiences by night, being in Vail resurrects within us a childlike sense of joy, awe and wonder that turns even the simplest moments into treasured memories. Vail is like nothing on earth.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Vail Bluegrass, by way of the Town of Vail, is committed to the stewardship and protection of our unique mountain environment.  In consideration of both our local and global impacts and opportunities, our environmental vision is to demonstrate and promote: renewable energy, resource efficiency, ecosystem protection, and community awareness and education. As part of the Community Development Department, the Environmental Team is responsible for administering programs consistent with this vision as well as ensuring public health and food safety.  More information on sustainability efforts can be found here.